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What to expect on your strategy session with us:

The first thing we’ll do is find out what your goals and objectives are for social media marketing. Without a clear objective, there’s no way to tell whether we can help you or not.

Once we talk goals, we’ll look at your current level of knowledge and what you’re already doing on social media.

It might be that we can offer some simple tweaks to your campaigns which will boost your results – or (as is often the case!) we may find you don’t have a social media marketing strategy and need us to help you design, build and potentially even implement it for you.

Or you may be somewhere else on the spectrum – in which case, we can discuss your needs, your budget and your commitment level and schedule a follow up session where we can get started on creating the ideal social media marketing program for your company.

Let me caution you though… Hashtag South Africa Social Media may NOT be the right fit for you.

That’s why there’s an application process.

Our team reviews each application to ensure you and your business are a possible good fit. Since we invest a lot of time into each of our clients, we want to ensure you’ll benefit from what we offer.

If there’s a strong possibility of a good fit, we’ll contact you to set up a convenient time for us to learn more about what you are looking to achieve with social media and how we can help.

To apply for a strategy session, simply fill out the form below.

We will review your application and let you know your next step.