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Profitable Growth: The Result of Your

Social Media Strategic Plan — Guaranteed

You may think you know where you’re going – or what you hope to accomplish, but until youcommit to your social media strategic plan, you’re only fooling yourself.

The online world changes constantly.

But there are still proven strategies that work even in an environment of change. That’s why it’s important to build your social media strategic plan for the long term.

Hashtag South Africa Social Media uses a proprietary 7-Point Social Success System to ensure you cover all the bases. This system helps you realize your vision and is guaranteed to deliver profit-pulling results you can take to the bank.

Here’s a broad overview of this comprehensive system – and how it can work for your business:

  1. Focus: Extensive research so we know and understand your target market and the best places to connect with them online.
  2. Branding: Ensure that you have a professional presence branded to fit your business image and messaging that speaks to your target audience.
  3. Optimization: Strategic keyword placement results in high-ranking search results on Google and social media sites.
  4. Engagement: Strategic, powerful and specific educational and/or entertaining content which inspires engagement.
  5. Social Proof: Answers the question of why someone should choose you over your competition. Implement the key ways to improve your social proof in the marketplace.
  6. Authority Status: Create top of mind awareness, setting the stage for the important ‘know, like, and trust’ factor.
  7. Action / Results: Stand out in the noisy online world. Simply put … this means more results.

Of course there’s a lot more to this strategic plan than we reveal in this broad overview – including the “secret sauce” which delivers amazing results when we unleash it!

A Comprehensive & Detailed
Social Media Strategic Plan

If you’ve ever tried to figure out directions in a foreign language – or gone to a cultural restaurant and tried to order food you’ve never heard of before, you know the frustration of working with most experts.

They know exactly what to do, but can’t explain it in terms you or I can understand. You end up more confused than when you started.

The sad reality is that this is what happens to most businesses when it comes to social media. But that’s not the case with Hashtag South Africa Social Media.

We provide you with a comprehensive and detailed social media strategic plan that you not only understand, but is easy to implement.

Your custom tailored strategic plan accomplishes these important goals:

  • Clearly define your market so you’re spending the majority of your time targeting people who need what you offer and on the right social sites
  • Create a compelling message you can share across all social media networksestablishing your business as top of mind for prospects and existing customers
  • Build relationships with the key influencers in your industry where you’ll be seen as the authority on your topic
  • Attract more attention, interest, prospects, customers and long-term clients

We’ll empower you by clearly identifying and understanding:

  • KPIs & success metrics
  • Short term & long term objectives
  • Content & contest ideas
  • Social network prioritization – which sites should you use
  • Follow/fan acquisition strategy for each social network
  • Implementation guide for each social network
  • Keyword research for blog posts
  • Strategic blog planning for education and SEO
  • SEO recommendations and traffic strategies
  • Your overall online marketing blueprint for success

And if that’s not enough… we help you analyze your campaigns for maximum effectiveness!

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Want to Know How You’re Doing?
We Measure Your Success!

If you don’t know your numbers, you won’t know what’s working and what isn’t.

A core component of your social media strategic plan is tracking your progress. When you let us create your strategic plan, we measure, track and record everything that matters.

This valuable information helps both you and us to react to what’s happening right now – and keep your strategic plan aligned with your goals and the objectives you want to achieve.