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Half Day Social Media Workshop with #SouthAfrica

Limited to 12 delegates seated, JHB @ 7000 ZAR

Level: User of social media and has a fair knowledge of navigating around the Internet.

Start and End Time: 9 am to 2 pm ( for an extra 3000 ZAR stay until 4 pm for a content focused practical on video production)

Description: Understand at Pace on an opening address on your ‘Connected Planet’ followed by unpacking campaign concepts and content strategy – our teachings are not just referencing Global case studies, but as an agency that is executing in real-world time. Hashtag South Africa is set apart from the traditional advertising agency culture – yet this is something unique as we are anchored by principles of the technology we use today daily.

Here, you will learn why this 4th Industrial Revolution requires us to work harder, yet smarter with our digital actions and our understanding. Sessions are Run by our Founder, Conrad who has gained Master, Pioneer, Guru status when welcomed at locations around the world. See video below.

Overview of subjects covered: Facebook and Business Manager, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube & Video Strategy, Linkedin and Other Resourceful Platforms, Extended Internet Network Guidance, Social Media Strategy, Content Calendar Design and Creative Tips on Social Media Policy.

Next Dates: 25 January 2018 ; 22 February 2018; 15 March 2018 ;19 April 2018 ; 24 May 2018

Early bookings to guarantee availability

Technology & Digital / Human Programming

Limited to 12 delegates seated, 50 000 ZAR per seat

Level: Executive Committee, Board & Chairmans, State & Executive Public Service Representatives. Upon special review of the applicant would placement be considered. This is not a session for entry and administration roles.

Start and End Time: 9 am to 2 pm for two Days

Description:  A 2 Day Event, Spend your first half morning with Conrad as he prepares you for the next phase of digital conversation, Be given an executive update from the Chief Executive Officer of #SouthAfrica and given you real-world application exercises before handing over to Jeanette

More coming soon from Our Neuro Linguist

Enjoy this pleasant executive location set to be packed over 2 days with Lunch and Resources (excluding Knowledge Pack @ 5000 ZAR extra) Hotel and travel  packages excluded, for enquires and group bookings contact

Next Dates:  February 2018; March 2018; May 2018 ;



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The four – 150 000 ZAR per seat November 2018 – JHB, Sandton

A Half Day Session with #SouthAfrica,  Facebook, Google, Amazon & Apple


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Social Media Training Gives You

That Extra Edge in Business

Without proper social media training, you’re spinning your wheels and wasting your time.If you aren’t using social media right, you may as well not bother using it at all.It’s true. You can do more harm to your business reputation if you make some of the more common social media mistakes we see happening all the time.

That’s why clients come to us.They’ve felt the wrath of the social universe because they’ve inadvertently posted something that set people off.

Maybe you’ve done something like that yourself.

I know when I first got started, I did. And I learned – the hard way – what to do and what not to do. But you don’t have to go through the “school of hard knocks.”

Just Like Any Society, There are Protocols You Need to
Understand in Order to Be Known, Liked and Trusted

If you don’t know these protocols, you’re one post away from disaster.


That’s why we at Hashtag South Africa developed some of the most respected and recognized social media training in the industry. Your social media success is our business.

People are online all day, every day. They’re talking with their friends and acquaintances about things they like or don’t like. They’resharing their stories… and their experiences with others who may come into contact with your business.

You need to know what you can and can’t do. You need to know the proper etiquette, the proper protocols and, most importantly, the reasons for using social media and using it profitably.

The Right Social Media Training for Your Business

Choose the training package that suits your business best:

1. Social Media Training for Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Professionals:

Let us show you the best ways to set up your social media for maximum visibility and profitability. Using our proven methods, you’ll soon become the expert in your niche – the “go-to” person in your market or attain the enviable status of most trusted in your field.

We’ve been doing social media since way before it became popular. We’ll flatten your learning curve and turn you into a social media pro in no time.

If you’re ready to tackle social media the right way, you can apply for a strategy session here:

2. Social Media Training for Sales Teams and Sales Professionals

Generate more – and better – leads, qualified prospects and more sales after taking Hashtag South Africa’s training for sales organisations and professionals.

We’ll teach you – or your organisation how to use social media the right way to find, connect and engage with your ideal customer… create top of mind awareness and make you the first person they contact when they want what you offer.

Attract more customers now

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