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Social Media Event Team Basic 25 000  : 1 Person team to curate content and update accounts on your event day with event build up content to share across social media accounts.
Social Media Event Team Executive 35 000 : 2 Person team to curate content and update accounts on your event day
Social Media Event Team Premier 70 000 : Includes LiveStream Capabilities

Livestream, On site support to curate content and share.

Social Media Event Trend 150 000 : Livestream, Trend hashtag for 1 day on Twitter reaching (starting at) 1 million people. On site event support to curate content and share.
LiveStream x1 Camera 25 000 : We livestream your event to either Facebook, Youtube or Website, on site support.
Social Media Event Show 500 000 : Setting up a presenter, with 1 cameras for for fixed location, another roaming camera to capture event experience. Event Lounge Furniture hire for presenter station. Manage Production Team, Trend hashtag for 1 day on twitter, facebook advertising to promote livestream, Youtube live stream setup incl. Team of 3 people to curate picture and short videos for non live sharing and live tweet.

Costs are based on travel within Johannesburg,

Travel and accommodation required for outside JHB  


Conference : Escalate Audience Participation


Transform Q&A Sessions

Forget about selecting a few people from the audience to ask questions. Inspire all attendees to Tweet questions on the TweetWall. Presenters then select engaging questions to answer, while attendees may participate in quiet online conversation.

Engage External Participants

Isn’t it frustrating to refuse people to your sessions? Stop missing interesting points of view because you are short of seats. Make room for external comments by including Twitter!

Moderate Comments

Avoid infinite questions in multiple parts and gain time in tackling relevant and interesting topics through TweetWall moderation! Only pertinent and engaging Tweets may be revealed!

Concert: Energize Your Audience


Warm Up the Audience

While waiting for the artist to come on stage, engage with the audience. Ask questions and invite comments. What a fun and original way to entertain the public and generate conversation!

Create a Buzz for your Artists

Imagine a number of Tweets that would be posted before, during and after an event on your Twitter timeline! Suddenly Tweets regarding the artist and the event explode, sending the event and artist immediately viral!

Stimulate Interactivity

Have you ever dreamed of interacting with an artist? You no longer need a backstage pass to communicate. With TweetWall Pro fans can Tweet questions and messages to the artists and artists can respond! Asking a question to a singer or band has never been that easy!

Television: Boost TV Ratings


Create a Social Buzz

Research shows that social media is a means to boost TV ratings and generate buzz. Through the use of on-screen Twitter feeds during live shows, conversations spark virally, engaging both viewers and a wider network during the show and beyond, drawing the masses today and in the future!

Take a Pulse

Forget about phone calls and emails to take a pulse. Let viewers ask their questions and express themselves while the show is on air. Integrate TweetGraphs, contests, and voting features sparking competition and debate!

Moderate Comments

Don’t be afraid of what might appear on screen! Moderation tools are available to help you communicate the most interesting Tweets to generate the most powerful messages and instigate debate, driving activity!

Trade Shows: Raise Your Profile


Direct Attendees to Busy Places

Is there an interesting presentation starting in 5 minutes? Is there an especially engaging stand? Twitter users can Tweet and post Twitpics spreading the news on the TweetWall! Event organizers can broadcast messages and direct attendees to key activities.

Raise the Popularity of your Trade Show

People love telling people where they are! They check in on Facebook or FourSquare and Tweet about it. By using your hashtag, people create a buzz and raise the profile of your event. A natural extension is to include the number of Tweets and visitors on-screen to spark further engagement.

Expand Advertising Opportunities

A TweetWall can be another place to incorporate sponsors. Sponsor logos, messages, videos, colors or Tweets can be highlighted generating additional sponsorship activity and funding opportunities.

Sport: Enhance Fan Engagement


Heighten Team Spirit

Spark competition beyond the playing field! Let Tweeters vote for their favorite athlete and Tweet their support! Fans may not win on the playing field but they can win the battle on the big screen!

Expand Sponsorship Opportunities

Looking for new ways to incorporate sponsors. A TweetWall offers a contemporary way for sponsors to be integrated in sporting events. Video, images, and messages can all be displayed for the greatest impact!

Curb the Fans

Sports bring out the best and worst in us, but don’t worry! With moderation tools you can choose which Tweets are displayed, keeping a safe, fun and friendly environment!

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