An efficient PR  plan is a cornerstone to building up your company/organisations success and is an effective way to successfully increase sales and grow your consumer base.

You may already have an excellent service or product, yet if nobody has knowledge of it, generating sales might be difficult. Public Relations is an effective way to spread the message to your target market and attract potential customers, and clients. In addition, Public Relations is a vital tool that can help your business obtain positive press and publicity highlighting your services, brands and innovations.


No one understands your company better than you do, we will brainstorm with you to come up with a slogan or catch line that best demonstrates your business. This message will be the common thread that will tie into all the different segments or departments of the company ensuring that from the CEO to the tea lady are speaking in one voice. This can also be used as a quick “elevator pitch” you and your employees can use when describing your company to people who are unfamiliar with your business.


We will then write a press release describing the product or service outlying the who, what, why, when and how. This vital information is defined by you the entrepreneur.  This will also form as an announcement issued to the media and other target platforms for the purpose of letting the public know about you.


We will engage with the media, broadcast, print, online magazines that are relevant to your product and services who can assist in expanding your brand and broadening your customer base.


We will collaborate with influencer’s, no matter who your target market is the best way to expand your brand is to have influential people tell others why they see the value of your product and why they are endorsing your product.