Why should you get Fibre?

Say goodbye to buffering

Fibre optic cables use light impulses to speed the information along the Fibre connection. That’s why Fibre is so fast and can carry large amounts of data quickly.

Stream like you’re watching TV

Fast speeds and reliable connectivity means that you can live-stream your favourite shows and movies as if you are watching live TV.

No need for a landline

With Fibre you don’t need to have a landline that you don’t use and don’t want to pay for. You can make VoIP calls and can even retain your existing number.

Connect your

With Fibre you’ll be able to fully connect your home to the Internet, including your security, smart TVs and gaming units, work at home and connect multiple devices at the same time.

What is Fibre

Fibre is the newest, fastest and most exciting connectivity type out there. But there are a lot of names being thrown around. So what’s what?

  • Fibre is the actual technology, which is named after the fibre optic cables that use light impulses to carry data instead of the electrical impulses transmitted on traditional ADSL copper cables. The light bounces along thin glass fibre tubes at the speed of light, which makes it very, very fast. And since there are no copper cables, it’s also theft and weather proof.
  • Fibre to the home (or FTTH) is the roll-out of the fibre cables to homes and small businesses.
How does Fibre Work

Fibre has an abundance of product choices, which can be intimidating. However, with all these choices, you can make sure that you find the perfect product to suit your needs. You also have a choice as to who supplies your connectivity infrastructure, meaning that you are not limited to only Telkom lines as you are with ADSL.

There are two players – the infrastructure provider and the data product provider.

Infrastructure Providers

There are a number of infrastructure providers, both big and small, who lay the fibre optic cables – unlike copper cables, which are only laid by Telkom. These infrastructure providers lay the fibre cable from the street to the inside of your home, where it is then connected to a router inside your home that broadcasts a WiFi signal for your laptop, smartphones and tablets to connect to.

Data Product Providers

At Hashtag South Africa we deal with Tier 1 to Sub Tier Service Providers (all budget dependent ) there are companies that offer data products on top of this infrastructure. As a time saver and value-add, Hashtag South Africa does all the arranging and planning on a customer’s behalf, which means there is the added convenience of talking to only one company to arrange your installation.

How can Hashtag South Africa help me get Fibre installed?

Each area with Fibre has a different mix of infrastructure providers, product options and costs (including installation, connection and data fees).

Hashtag South Africa acts as an aggregator of a number of infrastructure providers in the area and can offer a range of options to ensure that you get the product that best meets your needs. You have choices and Hashtag South Africa helps you make the best one for your needs.

For tailored solutions and specific requirements give us a call.

Luyolo Gcilitshana

Connectivity & Hosted Solutions Development Manager

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