Hashtag South Africa’s goal is simple: “We handle all aspects of your companies Digital Advertising and Marketing needs . Hashtag South Africa will place your business in the top ad positions on Google.” Success in internet marketing is defined by your Return on Investment (ROI). If you cannot measure success then you cannot succeed. Our job at Hashtag South Africa Africa is to build an internet advertising campaign that targets customers in your geographic region and then measures the success of those campaigns.

What can Hashtag South Africa do for your business ?

Pay Per Click Advertising


To build a successful Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign you need to optimize the factors that influence your search rankings. These include landing-page design, keyword performance and advertising relevance. The goal of all major search engines is to improve end-user experience by providing targeted and appropriate search results. Hashtag South Africa specializes in helping our clients build, run, maintain and measure their PPC campaigns in today’s highly competitive internet advertising market.


Google Adwords Management


To build an effective Pay-Per-Click campaign you must start with a broad range of keywords and over time, narrow them down to identify the most powerful ones. Remember, because you pay Google every time a user clicks on your Advertisement, it is crucial that you eliminate keywords that do not generate quality traffic. Specific geographic targeting is another way to focus your PPC Campaign, as people are searching locally now more than ever. It is essential that both your Keywords and Advertisements target local search. There are dozens more steps to follow when building a Google Adwords Campaign which can be time consuming, even for the most organized business owner. Let Hashtag South Africa build and manage an intelligent Pay-Per Click campaign, so that you can focus on handling all your new business.



Google Remarketing


Remarketing is an effective form of Online Display Advertising that allows your company to show targeted ads to customers who have previously viewed your website. These ads will appear in traditional advertising spaces as your customers browse websites on Google Content Network. Hashtag South Africa will set-up a Remarketing Campaign targeted directly to customers who are already interested in your product or service. Build your brand and increase your online presence with Hashtag South Africa Remarketing.


Google Analytic Reporting and Consulting


Web analytics is the foundation for running a successful internet advertising campaign. Our consultants at Hashtag South Africa utilize advanced analytics software to gather information about what is happening on your website. A low-performing website will starve your return on investment and can damage your brand. With analytics data, Hashtag South Africa can explain why your website is performing poorly – and help you return it to profitability.