We where looking at a social media expert to bring a new round of adverting via various platform to bring new light to our store . This was successful achieved by Hashtaq Southern Africa of which Conrad David is the CEO. He has opened new doors for business through his unique style of delivery using advertising in conjunction with social media .We saw our viewers on Facebook , Twitter and Google Plus increase massively. Which in turn meant an increase of sales to the store and the overall satisfaction of our clients .

Conrad is a finely-tuned businessman with sense of style and a passion for the people around him. I could not recommend a better social media guru.

ICS – Apple Authorized Reseller


Having had limited exposure to social media, I was initially reticent about the value that could be derived but Hashtag overcame any hesitation by presenting a full value proposition that extended to enticing potential members and participants to the convention.  With Conrad being soft spoken, one tends to underestimate him, until you see him in action and delivering.

CEO, South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry