My Name is Lesego Theodora Ntwagae, What is my role for Hashtag South Africa you may ask? Well I am the company’s researcher I also help with content creation as per brief given by client. My role basically entails the following: when we get a client or even have a potential client I research on how we can better the clients business digitally, How we can help them stand out from their competition with the understanding that social media plays a huge role in improving their business. I also research on their existing social media accounts to basically see what they could’ve been doing wrong. A lot of work and hours goes into research understanding the client and also understanding their vision for their business. With regards to helping with content creation, I work very closely with “Client Services” and bounce off ideas with each other. I’m really honoured to be working in this field and look forward to bigger and better things within the company and broaden my horizons with hashtag South Africa.