Hi, My name is Jeanette David, I am the Public Relations and Operations Manager at Hashtag South Africa
My position is twofold, from the Operations side, I oversee the daily operations of the company which involves ensuring that the different divisions of the company are running at optimum, providing a smooth efficient service that meets the expectations and needs of our clients.
From a PR perspective, I manage the public image of Hashtag South Africa and our clients. Having an efficient PR  plan is the cornerstone of building a  company or organisation and is an effective way to successfully increase sales and grow your consumer base. I assist clients by putting together a public relations and communications campaign strategy, events management,  handling all of the media relations on all media platforms, television, radio, and print, ensuring our clients obtain positive press and publicity. Together with our digital offering, we are sure to deliver on compelling trending campaigns – offline and online.
I love the diversity and the interaction that the PR field brings, it is an intriguing and ever-changing industry.
On a personal capacity, I am a Humanitarian, Motivational Speaker, an Inspirational Blogger, Social Entrepreneur, Accredited Neuro Linguistics Practitioner and Programmer, Life Coach, Peak Performance and Transformation Practitioner by The American Board of Neuro – Linguistic Programming (ABNLP).
I believe social media is an integral part of today’s society, the very fabric upon which our society is being built, so why not use this platform to promote positive instead of negative, to educate, inspire, bring awareness, raise hope and create lasting change. Based on my success and recognition in the media industry I am a “Woman Of Stature” 2018 Nominee in the
media category due to take place in March 2018.