Conrad Travis David 31, is the founder and MD of Hashtag South Africa, a black South African owned Digital Media Technology Company. He has been recognised  as Top 100 Most Influential Young South African  in the area of Science and Technology in 2016. He was recently invited to receive an award for his excellence and innovative concepts for Hashtag South Africa  in Geneva Switzerland.


Conrad is passionate about what he does and is committed to shedding the  light on the digital wave that has taken over the way business is done.There is a great urgency towards digital transformation. Government recognises the awareness this transformation is bringing.  This makes business sense as the private sectors are seeing the monetary positive impact that digital is having on their bottom line.


Conrad has identified the gaps that exist in the marketplace, and is head strong in getting people digitally affluent, in using social media platforms as a  positive tool.  As  a result of this Conrad has put together a social media training manual and hosts monthly  classes that are  tailor made for the individual, corporates, government  and the diverse sectors that exist.  To date 18 000 delegates have benefited from this training.


Conrad explains that in order to be in the flow and abreast of how first world countries are doing business and business practises,digital transformation is imperative and should be integrated into everyday management. Digital should also have a seat at board level. Conrad encourages all business owners to help develop their employees digital competencies and literacies to maximise exposure and broaden their reach. If businesses want to stay relevant in the digital era, they have no choice but to adapt.


Hashtag South Africa renders its services of digital media technology within the 12 spheres of world societies and has created actionable solutions for the next decade. Social Media together with the INTERNET are powerful tools to unite, share and pioneer projects to everyday working activities. Hashtag South Africa helps business and government to achieve this.  

Conrad is seen as a thought leader and is frequently on radio, television and print publications sharing the power of digital media, its ethics and principles.

Hashtag South Africa focuses  its growth objectives in line with NDP 2030. After 23 years of democracy  we still have a long way to go and Conrad believes that social media and digital media technology will play a pivotal role  in the further development of South Africa.  


Hashtag South Africa is focused in the area of digital media technology and offers a string of services from social media strategy, consulting and training, digital ad services and advertising  placement.  One of the most popular services is social media events where Hashtag South Africa uses their tools and techniques to get clients events to trend line, while offering live streaming capabilities. His Youtube channel as over 200 video’s ranging from interviews with the South African President to everyday citizens. The purpose of these video’s is to show the importance of digital media content.


.Conrad is well respected in his industry and is regarded as the “go to” person in social and digital media and has serviced the government and  business sector since 2011.  Hashtag South Africa’s accolades include –   Technology Newcomer of the Year  KZN 2013 – Listed Online as Top 10 Most Innovative  Start-up’s in SA 2014 – SA Technology Top 100 Emerging Qualifier (TT100) 2014.


Conrad has completed writing  his memoirs,  sharing his life story and Hashtags journey from the  start up capital of R100 he borrowed from his mom 6 years ago to the successful company that Hashtag has become. Hashtag South Africa is a story of tenacity and resilience pushing beyond the voices of doubt and skepticism proving that anything is possible if you just believe.