Drawing up a Social Media Strategy is Essential

When I first started out in Social Media for Businesses I would just spend the first few minutes looking for images online, think of a great quote add a company logo and upload. I would tweet as thoughts came to me which would be in bursts of messages at various points of the day. That changed as time in a day was needed to focus on other operations, just as every business requires. So I stepped back to assess why I was growing followers on various accounts yet not generating a return on the investment of my time spent.


Too many businesses leap into social media without mapping out a clear strategy, More often than not engagement without strategy leads to disappointing results and in some cases reputation crises. Here are Steps to forming an effective Social Media Strategy to get you started. Social Media is evolving, so are your customers and the way you do business – So develop your strategy and review your plan frequently.

smart goal setting conceptStart by defining your goals and purpose.

Is your goal to build brand awareness, provide customer service, or generate leads? Your goals will be your guide into what content to create and what audience you want to attract. Don’t be expecting 100s of phone calls after Day 1 – unless you’re spending quite an elaborate budget on ad spend, that won’t be a reality. Social Media is like a baby, you have to nurture it while growing your audience base.