Mission Statement Hashtag South Africa

Hashtag South Africa has a diverse Mission Statement, Our goal is to showcase #SouthAfrica across the world in a respectable and welcoming manner with the resources of Social Media and other digital related services whereby we promote goods and services to Local and International markets.

Hashtag South Africa grows its business in line with The National Development Plan 2030 of South Africa, taking into consideration the outline of our Country while staying up to date with the Global shift in economy, politics and environment.

Hashtag South Africa Social Media Pty Ltd mission is  in the area of Social Media, Cloud Computing and Fibre Optic Connectivity. With short to long term execution in the innovation of Algorithm based social media platforms for South African based industries, together with lateral  execution of an online Social Channel with Video based social platforms, an online Social Radio Station connecting South Africa’s awareness to the world and Social Media Training Academy to skills develop Public, Private and Developing communities with Social Media as the medium to relay the message.


Social Media Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement with Social Media is to engage South Africa to the utility of this growing media platform to create awareness on products and services that their businesses could render to expanding effective campaign awareness to organisations and Institutions as part of the National Development Plan in creating a capable State while targeting Skills Development with Social Media Training modules.

Cloud Computing  Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is to develop custom cloud solutions to manage big data that will soon be essential to every business in South Africa, as the global shift to the New industrial Revolution has begun in major states around the world.

We currently have engaged with Google to identify cloud products, while we spend efforts in research and development for the sustainability of South Africa in the management of its own data cloud.

Fibre Communication  Mission Statement

Hashtag South Africa  has partnered with Neotel and Vodacom, as we have seen the great need for high speed Internet and Data transfers across South Africa and the world. We currently working on modules to roll out linkages to major continents as we revive the old trade map systems with new age platforms of exchange.


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